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Mission Statement

To establish a public art program with high artistic quality and enduring value.

Contact us

Public Works Administration
601 E. Main St.
Johnson City, TN 37601
(423) 434-6080

Phil Pindzola, Director

The Public Art Committee is responsible for establishing policies of the public art program, setting goals, consulting with staff on an annual work plan, developing project ideas, overseeing the selection of artworks and their locations, securing funding, ensuring proper maintenance of the public art collection, and advocating for public art.

The Public Art Committee is comprised of citizens, artists, and design professionals (architects, landscape architects, curators, interior designers, urban planners or engineers) who live in Johnson City. Any citizen may apply to the committee. The City Commission appoints 12 members. 10 at-large and a representative from the Johnson City Arts Council and Johnson City Development Authority. Members serve 3-year terms on a staggered basis. The Public Art Committee also includes nonvoting city staff and other ex-officio members as needed.

Mayor's Welcome

Welcome to the Johnson City Public Art webpage! On this site you will learn about the Public Art Committee, its mission, and the works of art that the Committee has selected for display in the City of Johnson City, Tennessee. Every city of note demonstrates a commitment to the arts, and Johnson City now adds public art displays to the existing artistic endeavors, including the Johnson City Symphony Orchestra, the Johnson City Community Theatre, the Johnson City Area Arts Council, and the music and art departments at East Tennessee State University. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to promote the passion and creativity of artistic expression in our community!

I commend the Public Arts Committee for its work on this project, as well as the City of Johnson City, The Public Works Department, Keep Johnson City Beautiful, the artists, and all supporters of the initiative. I hope that you enjoy the culmination of these efforts and that you will discover a new perspective on Johnson City. Explore, tour, and absorb how Public Art in Johnson City works to enrich the culture of our community. Please enjoy all that Johnson City has to offer!

- Ralph Van Brocklin, Mayor