Student Tours

The City encourages student tours of the Municipal and Safety Building and other City facilities, so that our local youth will gain a better understanding of how their government works. The Community Relations staff is also available to come speak to classes.

Mayor Appearance Requests

The mayor and other commissioners are available to attend certain community events, by request. The mayor's calendar is maintained by the Community Relations Office; appearances will be scheduled based on availability.

Proclamation Requests

Proclamations are issued at the mayor’s discretion, based on time constraints and relevance to Johnson City including but not limited to historical relevance, national recognitions with local affiliation, organization milestones, etc. Submitting application does not ensure that requested proclamation will be issued

Please contact Becky Hilbert at or (423) 434-6021 to schedule a tour or class presentation, to request the mayor's presence at your event, or to request a mayoral proclamation.